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When Business relations Come to an end

I have a friend who only had a business contract, go awfully and come to an end sharply. When she has asked, what problem was, it could not receive the direct answer from people except to tell that they were not happy management things, went.
At the same time, even thus that she has been upset in how things have ended, it has not been completely suppressed. Actually, she felt, as though the big weight was started its shoulders because, for some reasons, pressure has been switched off now. Not that it was not before work, but she felt a strange kind of pressure, working on these people.
For business relations it is never good to end only without someone thinking out the reason why. Nevertheless, the validity consists that, sometimes, people really are not assured, why they not fine adjustment with each other. I worked with people whom razdrazhili me for some reasons, I cannot explain, and I am assured that some, probably, felt the same about me. As independent, it is fine.
However, if you are a real employer, is integral not to tell unfairly to the employee that they can or, probably, have not made, it has released from their obligations. It is especially unfair, if behaviour, or probably missing skills, it has not been mentioned to the person during a trial period, or even during the consulting period with the existing employee so that the person had a chance to rectify an error or behaviour. In some states it only could be illegal, if softening of circumstances can be proved.
However, sometimes persons only do not coincide, which is one reason to have a trial period. People can feel usually discomfort with each other, and sometimes it really only is better to go further. Certainly, if you – the one who has been released, and you require money, you, probably, have mixed emotions. But the Universe can say to you that there is the best possibility you in other place; you only should hold belief.

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